Send Direct Mail with Proven Incremental ROAS

  • Unlock the full potential of your mailings with advanced analytics
  • Customize every customer touchpoint
  • Launch campaigns that have proven incremental Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Transform Your Direct Mail Program

Improve Your ROAS with Personalized and Proven Direct Mail  

Our strategy is designed to re-engage shoppers, prospects, and cart abandons — guiding them back to your website or physical store. 

Engage active shoppers with incredible precision by sending personalized mail just a day after they show interest online. 

Use our advanced analytics and unique database to pinpoint shoppers most likely to convert. 

Boost your direct mail impact with tailored messages for each recipient — from addressing them by name to featuring relevant offers. 


"This was the first time we ever did a direct mail retargeting postcard.  But we kept increasing and increasing due to impact, and it's been an upward trajectory since."

Road Scholar



"Our postcard campaigns have grown by triple-digits! LS Direct provides accurate incrementality from day one, so we had confidence that it was really working.”



"LS has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals over the past several years. We are able to get the right message to the right customer and it really is working for us."

Ashley Homestores